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#BookReview: The Woman Who Saw The Future by Amit Sharma


Title: The Woman Who Saw the Future 
Author: Amit Sharma
Publisher: Readomania
Published on: 18th November 2017
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 276
ISBN: 9789385854552


Sapna Vaid has lived with a unique power for a decade; a power that turned her from a timid, wide-eyed, college-going girl into the most influential and powerful Goddess on Earth.Sapna can see the future and saves thousands of people around the world every year through her record-breaking, popular show ‘Lucky People’. The show had given Sapna’s life a meaning and gives her the courage to sleep every night, where death and blood await her in her dreams. 
Even though the world is at her feet, the power costs Sapna her personal life. Broken relationships and separation from her son bring her unbearable pain. Her parents and the thousands of prayers that come her way every year are her only solace, her only reason to live.
When a blinding hatred leads to a desperate act of revenge, a single misuse of her great power triggers a reversal of her fortunes. Sapna begins to lose her ability to see the future.Now she must decide the path she has to take to preserve her unique gift and her fame, even if it turns her into a murderer on the brink of insanity.


The cover page of the book is very simple and decent in white colour which is very eye catchy. The cover has an image of an eye which is the future and inside that eye is the picture of a woman who can see it. Thus, the cover page is very much relevant to the story. The title of the story is written in capitals and specially highlighting the WOMAN in red colour to give an emphasis on it. Overall, a nice and a simple cover page. 


The Woman Who Saw The Future by Amit Sharma is one of the most interesting book that I have read in the year 2017. It is a page turner which made me stick to my reading corner till I completed reading it. 
The book has a really tightly bounded plot written in a simple and a fluent way making it a very intriguing. It is written from the different perspectives of the characters which is very unique and the characterization of the book is very well developed and very relate able. 
I really liked the concept of Diary entries which the author has written for Sapna's character. The story is set in the capital city of India i.e. Delhi. The various events in the book whether the documentary or the dreams that Sapna saw are very well described. I was very much keen on reading this book after reading the blurb and I enjoyed reading this book thoroughly.
In the story the author has conveniently conveyed about that one actually doesn't knows what the future holds for us. The way the change is portrayed in the story that a simple middle class girl becomes famous and wealthy which changes her completely and ego which is a small word but is of a great value and how it affects her loved ones. 
The book is written in a very nice manner that made me even feel the different emotions such as of pain, happiness and others. At various points, I cried because the words had so much power. Till the end, the author has maintained the central theme and the story can be visualized by the reader very well.  The ending of the book is written very nicely and cleverly which was also filled with suspense.
Overall, the book is very much engaging and it covers various themes from family, pain, fame etc. I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend this book to everyone if you want to read a book filled with suspense.

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Amit   Sharma

Amit Sharma is an IT slave since the last twelve years. He lives with his family in NCR but his work does take him to foreign lands. His first fiction book, False Ceilings, a family saga spanning one hundred and thirty years, was published by Lifi Publications in 2016. The book generated many good reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. His hobbies include reading, watching world cinema, travelling, listening to music, painting, blogging, making his daughter laugh and helping his wife.
He can be found at:

 *I received a free copy of the book from Writersmelon in exchange of an honest and an unbiased review.

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#BookReview: Murderous Greed by Arun K Nair

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Title: Murderous Greed
Author: Arun K.Nair
Published on: 27.10.2017
Publisher: Notion Press
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 203
ISBN: 9781948096874


Early one morning in the township of Avadi, a woman who was on her way to attend a relative's wedding falls victim to a chain-snatcher and loses her life in the process. The very same morning, Karthik, an up and coming young businessman is found shot dead in his car in the middle of the road - the only witness to the incident being his employee Drishti who was in the car with him at the time. The responsibility of getting behind the root of both incidents falls on Inspector Satyajit, an intrepid and honest police officer, and his team who get cracking on both cases immediately. But as the investigation proceeds further, the incidents and the stories of those involved get increasingly confused and murkier. What illegal deals was Karthik involved in? Did these deals cause his untimely death? How is all this connected to the housewife who was killed the same morning? What is the part played by the mysterious Gun Club in all these events? Follow Satyajit as he attempts to uncover these dubious questions


Murderous Greed has a very appealing cover page in in bright red colour having an image of a secluded road having two men, one with a gun while the other with a bag. The title of the book is written in bold in shade of red. Overall, the cover page is phenomenal and is designed totally keeping the story in mind.

Crime thriller is one of my favourite genre and really love those thrillers which make me stick to my reading corner and Murderous Greed by Arun K Nair is one of them. A gripping story revolving around two murder cases which are filled with so much suspense that I wasn't able to put it down. It is an engaging book written in a simple language and the book font is quite large and the author has penned down marvelously. The novel has a very strong plot which made me guess so much. It is filled with so many unexpected twists and turns, making it a page turner. All the characters are very well described and are very realistic. The events are written in a descriptive way that a reader can easily visualize them. I really liked the way author has penned down the interrogation portion. The pace of the book is also not too fast, everything is time bounded for the readers to make it interesting. The theme of the book remains greed. Reading this book was a thrilling experience for me. Overall, the book is very gripping and intriguing and the title is very well justified. It's a page turner and I would highly recommend it to all the crime thriller lovers.
Now I can't wait to read the second part of the book 'Greed Ends' which will be out in 2018.

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Arun K has lived most of his life in Chennai. He is a movie buff, avid traveler, and reader. He likes to read crime novels and management books. He has worked on scripts for short films before deciding to author a crime novel.

*I received  a copy of the book from the author in exchange of a review. Thank You.

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#BookReview: Why So Twisted? by Vinayak Nadkarni

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Title: Why So Twisted?
Author: Vinayak Nadkarni
Publisher: Notion Press
Published on: 09.08.2017
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 168
ISBN: 9781947697850

It's Not Always About The First Impressions!


Life is unexpected in every sense. We did not expect to be born and we do not expect to be able to predict the path our lives will take. That’s what makes it exciting. Why So Twisted is an anthology of 12 contemporary short stories which carry simple and enjoyable themes, but which all have an innate ability to excite and surprise the reader with the unpredictability of their ending. This anthology features the already popular story, “Flirting”, in which you will find a woman who nonchalantly flirts with many men, while “The Pursuit” follows a man who is destined to become a top photographer whereas “Crossing The Line” introduces you to the internal struggle of a married man who is about to hook up. But nothing is as straight as it looks because it's not always about the first impressions! These short stories are quick reads. Sometimes it's the protagonist's clever mind, at times it’s his kind heart, other times it's the heartless destiny or occasionally it's the writing style, which brings the fascinating metamorphosis of the plot and will lead you to ask the question, Why So Twisted?


The cover page of the book Why So Twisted? is very beautifully designed in blue colour having an image of a small heart showing the heartbeats. The title is written in blue and green colours with 's' made using a snake signifying the twist. Overall, the cover page is very attractive and unique in its own way.


Why So Twisted? is a collection of twelve stories revolving around the theme that life is unpredictable and anything can happen at any moment which makes them very much realistic. All the stories are very beautifully penned down in a simple and clear way and some of them are heartbreaking, emotional and some are witty. The book is fast paced and very engaging and each story conveys a beautiful message about life. As the name of the book, the stories are full of suspense and are itself full of twists and turns. The author has conveyed a lot through these short stories. Let's dig into the stories a bit :

1. Flirting was first published by Penguin India in the bestselling anthology Love Stories That Touched My Heart. This story revolves around a woman who flirts with many men but the reason behind it is totally unbelievable.
2. The Pursuit is about a man who is destined to become a top photographer but life takes him somewhere else.
3. The Repechage Love Story deals with the extent to which a person can do just for his love.
4. Diwali Bonus is a very heartwarming story about a family who thinks how to utilize the diwali bonus.
5. The Other Interest is a really engaging story about a newly married couple on honeymoon and how the wife discovers the husband's other interests.
6. An Old Lover revolves around the meeting of childhood friends after a long time.
7. Crossing The Line is about a couple who married but are not in love but something unexpected happens.
8. The Results shows the reality of a student's life who is not so good in academics.
9. Help, Anyway is about what a person gets by helping someone and how the people look at it.
10. The Reality Check shows that people make a lot of rules, laws and put up their opinions but what happens when the situation falls in their own family?
11. A Second Date is a blissful read about two people who don't want to marry but end up playing a game which is very unique.
12. Kind Stranger is about a person who has lost his belongings in an unknown country and a person comes to his rescue.

All the stories makes the reader stick to them and it is a delight to read each one of them. The title of the book is very well justified. The story which I loved is A Second Date. I recommend this book to each and every person. It gives us the taste of life and it made me think about why life is so so unexpected? A marvelous work done by the author. And being a lover of short stories I loved this book a lot and is one of the book which I will read again and again.

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Vinayak Nadkarni is an aspiring artist who is trapped inside an engineer's body. He is from Hubli, Karnataka and is currently living in Munich, Germany. He got his first major break through Penguin India who published his story in the year 2012 in their anthology - Love Stories That Touched My Heart.

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*I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange of a review. Thank You.

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#BookReview: Austenistan edited by Laaleen Sukhera

Title: Austenistan
Edited by: Laleen Sukhera 
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 180
ISBN: 9789386950260


Heiress and society doyenne Kamila Mughal is humiliated when her brother’s best friend snubs her to marry a social climbing nobody from Islamabad. Jamila Baig’s cold, unenterprising husband hasn’t planned for the future and all she can think about is how to find suitable husbands for her daughters. Roya discovers that her fiancĂ© has been cheating on her and ends up on a blind date on her wedding day. Beautiful young widow Saira has mourned her husband but feels she may finally be reading to start following her own desires.


The cover page of Austenistan is very attractive blue in colour with the name of the book written in shocking pink colour. The cover page has an image of a girl wearing goggles having image of monuments of Pakistan and is holding a cup in hand on which the editor name is written. Overall, the cover is very different and is eye catching. I loved it. 


Austenistan made up of two words Austen and Pakistan. Austenistan is a collection of seven short stories written by the members of the Jane Austen Society of Pakistan. The book starts with a foreword by Caroline Jane Knight, The Founder and Chair of Jane Austen Literacy Foundation. The stories are romantic, witty and heart breaking which pay a homage to Austen. The stories are inspired by Jane Austen and are set in contemporary Pakistan. They are very well written and are a delight to read. Set in Pakistan, the stories reflect the culture, social life, fashion and a lot more about Pakistan. I belong to a refugee family and there are quite a few words which connected me a lot to the stories such as kanaal, dabka and various others. Each story starts with a quote by Jane Austen such as from Emma, Pride and Prejudice etc. All the stories have a female protagonist just like Austen's novels. The book is fast paced and written in a simple language. The events in the stories are very well described and are realistic. Let's dig into the stories a bit:

1. The Fabulous Banker Boys by Mahlia S Lone revolves around Elisha and Mr.Dar and is a mordern retelling ofJane Austen's famous book Pride and Prejudice.

2. Begum Saira Returns by Nida Elley revolves around Saira who is a widow and steps back into the society after her husband's death.

3. Emaan Ever After by Mishayl Naek is a story about Emaan who realizes that she loves her childhood best friend. 

4.The Mughal Empire by Sanniya Gauhar is about Kamila who is dumped by her love and will she find love ?

5. The Autumn Ball by Gayathari Warnasuriya is story about a married couple and how their lives change after the birth of their baby boy.

6. Only The Deepest Love by Sonya Rehman is a story about Samina and her take on marriage. 

7. On the Verge by Laaleen Sukhera revolves around Roya who finds her fiance cheating on her and decidesto go on a blind date on her wedding day.

Overall, Austenistan is one of most beautiful and and an amazing book that I read in 2017. The book is a treat for Austen lovers. I really enjoyed reading all the stories and it was a wonderful experience. This book is a 'Must Read' especially for all the women out there. 

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Laaleen Sukhera is a communications consutant and media professional based in Lahore. She has worked in media projects, TV productions and advertising in Pakistan, the UK and the USA. She appears as apanelist and a public speaker at various literary events and is the founder of the Jane Austen Society of Pakistan.

* I received an ARC from Bloomsbury India. Thank you.

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