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#BookReview: Why So Twisted? by Vinayak Nadkarni

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Title: Why So Twisted?
Author: Vinayak Nadkarni
Publisher: Notion Press
Published on: 09.08.2017
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 168
ISBN: 9781947697850

It's Not Always About The First Impressions!


Life is unexpected in every sense. We did not expect to be born and we do not expect to be able to predict the path our lives will take. That’s what makes it exciting. Why So Twisted is an anthology of 12 contemporary short stories which carry simple and enjoyable themes, but which all have an innate ability to excite and surprise the reader with the unpredictability of their ending. This anthology features the already popular story, “Flirting”, in which you will find a woman who nonchalantly flirts with many men, while “The Pursuit” follows a man who is destined to become a top photographer whereas “Crossing The Line” introduces you to the internal struggle of a married man who is about to hook up. But nothing is as straight as it looks because it's not always about the first impressions! These short stories are quick reads. Sometimes it's the protagonist's clever mind, at times it’s his kind heart, other times it's the heartless destiny or occasionally it's the writing style, which brings the fascinating metamorphosis of the plot and will lead you to ask the question, Why So Twisted?


The cover page of the book Why So Twisted? is very beautifully designed in blue colour having an image of a small heart showing the heartbeats. The title is written in blue and green colours with 's' made using a snake signifying the twist. Overall, the cover page is very attractive and unique in its own way.


Why So Twisted? is a collection of twelve stories revolving around the theme that life is unpredictable and anything can happen at any moment which makes them very much realistic. All the stories are very beautifully penned down in a simple and clear way and some of them are heartbreaking, emotional and some are witty. The book is fast paced and very engaging and each story conveys a beautiful message about life. As the name of the book, the stories are full of suspense and are itself full of twists and turns. The author has conveyed a lot through these short stories. Let's dig into the stories a bit :

1. Flirting was first published by Penguin India in the bestselling anthology Love Stories That Touched My Heart. This story revolves around a woman who flirts with many men but the reason behind it is totally unbelievable.
2. The Pursuit is about a man who is destined to become a top photographer but life takes him somewhere else.
3. The Repechage Love Story deals with the extent to which a person can do just for his love.
4. Diwali Bonus is a very heartwarming story about a family who thinks how to utilize the diwali bonus.
5. The Other Interest is a really engaging story about a newly married couple on honeymoon and how the wife discovers the husband's other interests.
6. An Old Lover revolves around the meeting of childhood friends after a long time.
7. Crossing The Line is about a couple who married but are not in love but something unexpected happens.
8. The Results shows the reality of a student's life who is not so good in academics.
9. Help, Anyway is about what a person gets by helping someone and how the people look at it.
10. The Reality Check shows that people make a lot of rules, laws and put up their opinions but what happens when the situation falls in their own family?
11. A Second Date is a blissful read about two people who don't want to marry but end up playing a game which is very unique.
12. Kind Stranger is about a person who has lost his belongings in an unknown country and a person comes to his rescue.

All the stories makes the reader stick to them and it is a delight to read each one of them. The title of the book is very well justified. The story which I loved is A Second Date. I recommend this book to each and every person. It gives us the taste of life and it made me think about why life is so so unexpected? A marvelous work done by the author. And being a lover of short stories I loved this book a lot and is one of the book which I will read again and again.

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Vinayak Nadkarni is an aspiring artist who is trapped inside an engineer's body. He is from Hubli, Karnataka and is currently living in Munich, Germany. He got his first major break through Penguin India who published his story in the year 2012 in their anthology - Love Stories That Touched My Heart.

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*I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange of a review. Thank You.

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