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#BookReview: Murderous Greed by Arun K Nair

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Title: Murderous Greed
Author: Arun K.Nair
Published on: 27.10.2017
Publisher: Notion Press
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 203
ISBN: 9781948096874


Early one morning in the township of Avadi, a woman who was on her way to attend a relative's wedding falls victim to a chain-snatcher and loses her life in the process. The very same morning, Karthik, an up and coming young businessman is found shot dead in his car in the middle of the road - the only witness to the incident being his employee Drishti who was in the car with him at the time. The responsibility of getting behind the root of both incidents falls on Inspector Satyajit, an intrepid and honest police officer, and his team who get cracking on both cases immediately. But as the investigation proceeds further, the incidents and the stories of those involved get increasingly confused and murkier. What illegal deals was Karthik involved in? Did these deals cause his untimely death? How is all this connected to the housewife who was killed the same morning? What is the part played by the mysterious Gun Club in all these events? Follow Satyajit as he attempts to uncover these dubious questions


Murderous Greed has a very appealing cover page in in bright red colour having an image of a secluded road having two men, one with a gun while the other with a bag. The title of the book is written in bold in shade of red. Overall, the cover page is phenomenal and is designed totally keeping the story in mind.

Crime thriller is one of my favourite genre and really love those thrillers which make me stick to my reading corner and Murderous Greed by Arun K Nair is one of them. A gripping story revolving around two murder cases which are filled with so much suspense that I wasn't able to put it down. It is an engaging book written in a simple language and the book font is quite large and the author has penned down marvelously. The novel has a very strong plot which made me guess so much. It is filled with so many unexpected twists and turns, making it a page turner. All the characters are very well described and are very realistic. The events are written in a descriptive way that a reader can easily visualize them. I really liked the way author has penned down the interrogation portion. The pace of the book is also not too fast, everything is time bounded for the readers to make it interesting. The theme of the book remains greed. Reading this book was a thrilling experience for me. Overall, the book is very gripping and intriguing and the title is very well justified. It's a page turner and I would highly recommend it to all the crime thriller lovers.
Now I can't wait to read the second part of the book 'Greed Ends' which will be out in 2018.

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Arun K has lived most of his life in Chennai. He is a movie buff, avid traveler, and reader. He likes to read crime novels and management books. He has worked on scripts for short films before deciding to author a crime novel.

*I received  a copy of the book from the author in exchange of a review. Thank You.

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