#BookReview : What Mina Did by Geeta Menon

Title: What Mina Did
Author : Geeta Menon
Publisher: Rupa Publications 
Published on: 1st June 2019 
ISBN: 978-93-5304-375-9



1998. Twenty-two-year-old Mina is moving to the US from Bangalore to begin a new life with her
husband. Then there’s a horrific murder and her life is turned upside down. Mina’s best friend Neelu helps her out of the abyss.

Mina gradually leaves her past behind and settles into a new life in the US. Years later, she is forced to return to India and is confronted by the demons from her past. In her fragile mental state, she is unable to support Neelu in her time of need. Their friendship hits rock bottom.
Mina goes back to the US and faces further hurdles, this time on the work front. She tries to make amends with Neelu, but their friendship ends with Neelu accusing Mina of something unimaginable related to the murder.

Something, that deep down, Mina knows is true…
Will Mina redeem herself? Will the people she loves forgive her for what she did?
Alternating between flashbacks and the present day, What Mina Did explores how one betrayal
can have catastrophic consequences, while delving into the complex bonds that link mothers and daughters, and best friends.


The cover page of the book is very simple. It has an image of Mina standing looking outside the window but what she is looking for is a question. This image of her on the cover page attracted me to pick up the book. The shades of the cover page are also very light in black and white. A very nice and subtle cover page.


‘What Mina Did’ by Geeta Menon was a satisfying read for me. It made me feel so many different emotions. After quite a long time I didn’t want the book to end, I just wanted the book to go on. When I saw the cover page of the book, I got so attracted to it that I was not able to stop myself from reading the book.

‘What Mina Did’ by Geeta Menon is a very interesting read about Mina and her life. She got married to Vijay leaving behind her past life in which she faced a very tragic incident and moved to the USA to begin her new life. Years later, she was forced to come back to India and face her past demons. The coming back was so intense that she was even not able to help her own best friend Neelu in the time of her need.

The book took me on a completely different journey which is filled with Mina’s trauma that she suffered after the tragic incident of her mother’s murder. Because of this tragedy, Mina suffered from nightmares, anxiety etc. The book is a very interesting read. I thought of it as a murder mystery but it came out to be a completely different read filled with suspense, sorrow, love and relationships. The prologue of the book itself is very terrifying, it shook me and made me all the more keen to read the book. It is a book full of emotions which took me away from the reality. Though, it was a bit slow in the initial start, but the book picked up pace further. The narration is very engaging which made me engross in the book.

 The book is penned down beautifully in a lucid manner. And, the plot is very tightly packed with all the events described in a great detail. I really liked the fact that the topic of mental health was picked up and the author has portrayed about it very nicely. Even, the issues of patriarchy and racism were there. The way the author has separated the present and the past is amazing. And, the author has divided the book in two parts where the story is set in Bangalore and in the USA.

The characterization of the story is very strong and relatable. Mina is the protagonist and along with her there are quite a number of characters such as her husband Vijay, her best friend Neelu, her daughter Yamini, her in-laws and many more. I really liked the kind of relation Mina and Vijay shared having a mutual understanding. The bond of friendship between Mina and Neelu is shown very nicely and even after so many difficulties they both are there for each other. And, lastly the relation of mother and daughter, whether it is between Yamini and Mina or Mina and her mother, it stood out very nicely in the story. The title ‘What Mina Did’ is not just about what she actually did but it is much more, what the situation made her do.

Overall, It is a very well written, heart touching and an overwhelming read which actually shows how life is so unpredictable. I am really happy that I got a chance to read it.


Geeta Menon grew up in Bangalore and moved to the US in the nineties. After completing her
MBA in Philadelphia, she moved to Silicon Valley. Like any author, she draws upon her personal
and professional experiences in writing her Simon and Schuster First Chapters award-winning book What Mina Did, but the book isn’t autobiographical. She lives in Silicon Valley with her husband, son and adorable pug, Blackberry.


* I received a copy of the book from the publisher (Rupa Publications) in exchange of a review. Thank You.

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