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#Bookreview: The Six Symbols Of Ink by Meliza Merlinde


Title: The Six Symbols Of INk
Author: Meliza Merlinde
Publisher: Olympia Publishers
Published on: 26th October 2017
ISBN: 978-1848979093


Living in a world governed by cruelty and persecution, where the Ink Mark symbol is the law and where kindness and love have long been forgotten, Ashley has always believed that her symbol is faulty, that she is not worthy. However, she discovers that, far from being faulty, her Ink Mark actually identifies her as one of the Four; the special ones who will fulfil the ancient prophecy and rid the world of its inhumanity. 
But can an ordinary girl like Ashley possibly live up to this expectation? Who are the other three and where can they be found? 
This is the beginning of a quest where demons, giants and the true wickedness of mankind are interwoven with friendship, loyalty and faith. Which ones will triumph...?


The cover page of the book is very attractive and captivating. It is in shade of light yellow and is having the images of all the six symbols. I liked the cover page a lot.


The Six Symbols Of Ink by Merliza Merlinde is a fantasy novel which is full of magic. It is a fantasy read which takes a reader to a different world which has elements of love, revenge, friendship and violence.

The Six Symbols Of Ink is a very interesting read. Frankly, while reading it, I was transported to a different world. The story revolves around Ashley who believed that her Ink symbol is faulty and that she is not worthy. But, then she's found by Mark and is identified as the special one.

The book is written in a simple language in an interesting way. The novel took me away from the real world, such was the impact of the writing style. Initially, I found first few pages a bit slow but then, the story picked up the pace and I was not able to put it down. 
The story line is very gripping and unique with the events and the subplots written in a detailed manner and I was able to visualise quite a lot of events. 

There are quite a lot of characters in this amazing fantasy novel such as Ashley, Mark, Zhila and various others which are very well developed and each of them have a spark in the story. The emotions portrayed by these characters and the way they are penned is superb. I was able to empathize a lot with Ashley and I loved her character.

The book is about fantasy world which has crime, war, magic, revenge and friendship. It is a page turner and I enjoyed reading it a lot. 
Overall, for me it was a great Fantasy novel. I usually don't read much fantasy but I really enjoyed reading this book. I would recommend this book to the fantasy lovers. 

Image result for 3.5/5 stars


Meliza van der Linde grew up in the affluent, multi-ethnic society of South Africa, the variety of cultures, languages, and religions has shaped Meliza's passion for writing. Seeing the struggles of a Third World Country and its people striving to accept the different culture has always been an ember to her fire.

* I received a copy of the book from the publisher (Olympia Publishers) in exchange of a review. Thank You.

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