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#BookReview: When the Chief Fell In Love by Tuhin A. Sinha

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Title: When The Chief Fell InLove
Author: Tuhin A. Sinha
Publisher: Fingerprint Publishing
Published on: February 15th 2018
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9789386538970



Vihaan Shastri, India’s young and dynamic Defence Minister, comes under attack when 20 soldiers are killed during a terrorist strike at an army camp in Kashmir. 
With the whole country seething with rage and thirsting for revenge, and the government depending on him to resolve the crisis, Vihaan finds himself battling a strange distraction: Zaira Bhat, the only woman he has truly loved, is back in his life, after 12 long years. In a chequered relationship which began with a love affair in 1990, and which had the two love and lose each other twice at different stages of life, Vihaan and Zaira now find themselves in an extraordinary situation. 
While Vihaan is the defence minister of the country, Zaira is the daughter of Kashmir’s leading, and most wanted, pro-Pakistan separatist leader, Bilal Mohammad Bhat. Is Vihaan capable of pulling off a double coup? Can he win back the love of his life and also save an on-the edge Kashmir? Come, be a part of Vihaan and Zaira’s crazy journey as they make their way through learning what it is to love someone eternally . . .


The cover page of the book is very beautiful in white and red colours having a beautiful picture of snow covered Kashmir Valley and a shady image of a girl and a boy holding hands. The cover page is very apt with the story and I liked it a lot.


When the Chief Who Fell In Love is a political romance fiction revolving around Vihaan Shastri, India's youngest defence minister and Zaira Bhat,daughter of Kashmir's leading and most wanted separatist leader. In the starting  book shows the college life of the two lovers, Zaira and Vihaan who get separated but doesn't stop loving each other.
The plot line is very intriguing and is tight. It is written from different point of views giving the clear picture of each character and the book is divided into five parts. The characters are very well described and are realistic and I loved Vihaan's character, how determined he is to do something for India. The story is full of surprises and each chapter holds a new surprise which made me stick to the book. The book moves at its own pace, not too fast nor slow and can be easily finished in a day. 
The book is written in a simple language. It highlights various problems that are faced by the people of Kashmir. The author has also touched upon various aspects of politics and also highlighted the surgical strike. He also mentioned about the lives of people of Kashmir, how much  they are suffering.The bookis set in different parts of the world like Delhi, Kashmir etc.
The emotions are beautifully penned down and I was able to empathize with the characters and this book made me cry a bit. A lot of poems are also written in the book which are beautiful and heart touching and I really loved them.
Overall, an engaging book with a tight plot having different elements of drama, love ,politics and suspense. I would highly recommend this book to everyone. 

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Tuhin A. Sinha is a best-selling author and a politician. He studied in Loyola School, Jamshedpur, and Hindu College, Delhi, before doing his Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising and Communications Management (PGDACM) from the National Institute of Advertising, (NIA), New Delhi. Tuhin is acknowledged as one of the most prolific Indian writers with a maverick knack of experimenting with new genres. While his first book, That Thing Called Love (2006) was an offbeat romance, The Captain (2008) was a thriller that explored the underbelly of modern cricket. Of Love And Politics (2010) was a political thriller. His fourth and fifth books, The Edge Of Desire (2012) and its sequel, The Edge of Power (2013), can be called socio-political thrillers. Daddy (2014) was Tuhin’s sixth book and his first non-fiction narrative. It is India’s first parenting book that has been written from a father’s perspective and celebrates new-age fatherhood. Tuhin’s next book, Let The Reason Be Love (2015) was, once again, an offbeat romance. Other than these, Tuhin has also co-authored the book India Aspires with Union Minister for Road Transport, Highways and Shipping, Shri. Nitin Gadkari. He has also been a screenwriter for several popular television shows, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, being one of them, which he co-wrote in 2011-12. At present, Tuhin is involved as a special initiatives advisor to Shri Nitin Gadkari for his ministries, with a special focus on designing newer communication strategies for road safety and Namami Gange. He is also a prominent face on prime time debates on national television as a BJP representative.

 *I received a free copy of the book from Writersmelon in exchange of an honest and an unbiased review.

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