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#BookReview : A Home For Urvashi by Sanchali Bhattacharya

Title: A Home For Urvashi 
Author: Sanchali Bhattacharya 
Publisher: HarperCollins India
Published On: 15th October 2017 
Pages: 352
Binding: Paperback 
ISBN: 978-9352773541

" I died the day I was born."


Death separates Dulari from her beloved twin sister, Ujjwala. Forlorn, her spirit remains on Earth as a powerless but constant companion to Ujjwala. Like the apsara Urvashi, she has the power to travel between worlds but no family, no one to love.
Dulari has a dream: she hopes to be reborn as Ujjwala s daughter and find a home for herself. Twenty-nine years have gone by, but her dream remains unfulfilled. There is hope, though, for Ujjwala has a son and now longs for a daughter.
Then arrives a man from Ujjwala s past. His presence upsets her life and sets into motion a series of events that threaten to destroy her completely. Only Dulari can save her sister, but to do that, she must relinquish her dream. Will Dulari intervene and protect Ujjwala, or will she wait and watch? Will her endless longing for life and belonging overpower the love she has for her sister?
Sensitively written and evocative, A Home for Urvashi depicts the bond of sisterhood that goes beyond life and death.


The cover page of the book is very simple and is one of the best ones that I have seen. It is very nicely designed in black and grey colours. I really loved the flying black birds. It portrays the emotions of the spirit involved in the story really well. Overall, a beautiful and a serene cover page.


Reading some books give you satisfaction which make you feel warm as if giving a closure and A Home For Urvashi is one such heartwarming read. It has made me realize that sisterhood is very special and a sister can go to any extent for her own sister. The bond which sisters share is very unique and is very well described in this poignant story of Dulari,the beloved twin sister of Ujjwala.
A Home For Urvashi is set on the banks of river Hoogli, in the capital city Kolkata is one of the read which made me cry, smile and satisfied. I felt as if I was myself travelling  with the protagonist of the story. It is written in first person from the point of view of Dulari and one can easily fall in love with her character and I just loved her. Her character is very beautifully developed penned down displaying all her qualities in a very simple manner. The other characters such as that of Ujjwala, Sooraj, Beral etc are also very well described in the story and they are written in such a way that reader develops so much interest in reading about them in a detail.I loved the character of mother saturn, the way she taught the various aspects of human life was amazing.
Coming to the plot, which is marvelously written in a simple and an easy language. It is flowing like a fluid, one event after another and very surprising ones at times. the events are very well described and the descriptions get the reader's overall interest. The story line is very different, enjoyable and unique. The author has put down the various problems faced in today's world from a mother who is busy with her job and craves to spend time with her son to the red light area. The story has its own pace, unwrapping each and every very timely and the length is quite long but it is very engrossing. The plot is very intriguing and can be visualized a lot which made me live the story.
The difference between the spirit world and the mortal world is very well maintained and is not at all confusing and the  switch between the two worlds is crafted beautifully and both the worlds has its own characteristics which were quite evident through this fiction read. This novel filled with emotions of sadness, wittiness, humor is worth reading.
Overall, a very well written book having a very unique and a tight plot in which a reader can dive. I enjoyed reading it a lot. I would recommend this book to everyone.


An electrical engineer from Jadavpur University, Sanchali Bhattacharya is a director in her own engineering and manufacturing company. Sanchali’s short stories have featured in The Statesman. She is married and has a son. She lives in Kolkata.

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* I received a free copy of the book from Writersmelon in exchange of an honest and an unbiased review.

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