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#BookReview: The Fantastical Flights Of Emilia Gate by Louise M.Hart

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Title: The Fantastical Flights Of Emilia Gate
Author: Louis M. Hart
Publisher: Olympia Publishers London
Published on: 25th April 2017
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 106
ISBN: 9781848978652


The fantastical Flights of Emilia Gate is the first work of young adult fiction written by acclaimed author and poet, Louise M.Hart. Emilia Gate is twelve year old. When her mother becomes seriously unwell and is admitted to hospital. Emilia is sent to the Children's Home. Unhappy she and an older boy flee to London. There she meet an array of villains and eccentrics, including the despicable Faggit. Follow Emilia's adventures in this page turning novel, which references Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist.Will she be reunited with her mother or she is doomed to perish in London's frightening underground?


The cover page of the short novel The Fantastical Flights of Emilia Gate is very simple and subtle. It is in pastel blue colour having the image of twelve year old Emilia and her cat Linus.The cover page is very relevant with the story and is really simple and sweet. The title of the novel and the author's name is written in capitals with red ink. I really loved this sweet cover.


The Fantastical Flights of Emilia Gate revolves around a twelve year old Emilia Gate. The book is written in a very simple language is in first person from the point of view of the protagonist Emilia. It is a hundred page novel in which the author has described the events really well and is fast paced page turner novel. The author has raised the issue of mental illness and has tried to create awareness about it through the book. The emotions are very well portrayed and specially the emotion of a daughter being away from her mother. There are a lot of twists and turns in the novel and it keeps the reader in suspense till the end. All the characters are really well developed and I really liked Emilia's character.The way the relation between mother and daughter and the relation between a master and a pet is shown is very beautiful. And the way the book is penned down a lot of events can be visualized making it all the more interesting to read.  I really liked the way author has mentioned about Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist. Overall, the book is really amazing filled with twists and adventure. I read a children's fiction after a so long and I loved it. I would recommend this book to everyone.

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Louise M.Hart lives in the West Midlands with her muse, a black cat, Linus.She studied B.A.(Hons.) degree in Philosophy and English at the University of North London and enjoys listening to music and art. She often performs poetry and enjoys reading with audiences about her work. The Fantastical flights Of Emilia Gate is her second published novel and her first foray into writing young adult fiction. 

* I received a copy of the book from Olympia Publishers in exchange of a review. Thank you.

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