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#BookReview: 10 Essentials To The Blueprint Of Happiness by Bhanu Arora

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'Never give up... NO means next opportunity'

10 Essentials To the Blueprint Of Happiness by Bhanu Arora is a Non Fiction Self Help Book. It is very inspiring and a book which makes a reader learn a lot. The book was published on 1st January 2017 by Power Publishers. The cover page of the book is very attractive in yellow color. It is simple withe the title written in red and black colours. It is designed by Sudipta De.

Some people are born happy, and we often meet them in our daily lives. The same can be true for every human on this earth. Souls are born humble but are stressed by society. One of the primary sources of unhappiness is the existence of adverse individuals in our life. Remove them, and we are free winged creatures. Gossip, socialize, make friends and not a single day would go in sadness. Respect live in relationship if marriage exhausts you. Travel and explore this beautiful earth for more joyful you Forget billionaires and live your unique life. Deliberate changes in our daily lives can punch you up and make it worth living.

10 Essentials To The Blueprint of Happiness is a very simple and an amazing self help read. The author has penned down the book in a very easy and simple way. The author has used various stories and instances which are written in an easy language and all of them are connected with the theme of the book that is happiness. The book is written in a very systematic manner. Various pointers as well as questions are used by the author which is appreciated. The book has a very realistic approach and a reader can easily connect. The author has talked about a lot of things through the book such as marriage, communication, travel etc. It is a very light book can be easily finished in one sitting. It covers broad areas of the human life life which makes a reader connected to the book. A lot of skills to be happy can be learnt from this book.Overall, a very well written self help book. 

I would highly recommend this book to everyone. 


Bhanu Arora is a banker by profession and also a passionate writer. He has written a few short stories in the past that can be accessed from his blog. His other passions are travelling, music, food and movies that inspire  him to write. 

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* I received a free copy from Writersmelon in exchange of an honest and an unbiased review. 

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