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#The Three Psychos by Yash Pawaskar

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The Three Psychos is a psychological thriller book by author Yash Pawaskar. It was published on 1st January 2017 by Dimple Publications and is available in the paperback format at the online stores. The cover page of the book is very simple in black colour with a square in red and the title written in white colour. 
The book contains three gripping stories- DE22912, Patient No.9 and Six Bullets.

DE22912 is a story revolving around Alex who is a business tycoon and is trapped in a white box and is naked. He is not aware of how he landed in the box. The only friend in the box is sleep. He got addicted to drugs after the death of his parents. 

Patient No.9
Patient No. 9 is a story about Amol, a mental patient who is in a mental hospital and he thinks that aliens are going to attack the earth and it is his duty to save it. He has a friend Shehanshah. During Hypnotherapy, he visits a very beautiful place. 

Six Bullets
Six bullets is a story revolving around Aakash, a teenage boy who has seen his father abusing his mother and he got so much hurt by seeing it on daily basis that in anger he shot his father. According to him a person who is committing a wrong deed should not be part of the society. 

All the stories are very interesting and engaging, written in first person. The language of the book is simple, crystal and clear  and all the stories are short, not very big big descriptions. All the stories deals with psychological problems making them  very gripping. The book is a fast read and can be easily finished in one sitting. At various instances, plot can be visualized which make the reading of the book very interesting. Author has very well able to keep the secret hidden till the end in each story which is highly appreciated.  Each story leaves a reader with very strong messages. Overall, a brilliant and a short read filled with elements of thrill and psychology.

I would highly recommend this one to those who really want to read a short psychological thriller. 

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Yash Pawaskar is an author, poet traveller, reader, photography enthusiast,movie buff, music lover and continues to discover himself. He holds an MBA Degree andworksin the content industry. His debut novel is When We Clicked- A Twisted Love Story?.

* I received a free copy from  Half Baked Beans  in exchange for an honest and an unbiased review.

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