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#BookReview: Messed Up! But All For Love by Arvind Parashar

Messed Up But all For Love is a romance fiction book by author Arvind Parashar. It was published on 1st May 2017 by leading publisher Srishti Publishers and Distributors. The cover page of the book is beautiful, having an image of a couple and a girl. The colors orange and yellow are making it attractive and mesmerizing.

Messed Up! But All for Love is a story revolving around Neil, who is a senior executive working with a leading band name and his wife is a dentist running her own clinic. They are young married couple living a comfort life in Gurgaon. Srinya, Neil's fitness instructor seems to stir some trouble in the lives of the couple. On the other hand is Drishti who is a TV news anchor and journalist and her husband is a top cop. They are bored of their mundane lives and meet Neil and his friends in Cuba which changes everything. There are various other friends such as Tom, Jerry,James, Mehr and Antriksha. 

Messed Up! But All for Love is a very gripping and a fast paced story revolving around a couple whose relationship is on the verge of breaking. The book starts with a beautiful prologue and is divided into three parts and an epilogue. The language of the book is easy to read and at various points hindi is used. The characters are very well described and are realistic and all the events are very well written. The way the author has penned down the emotions of the protagonist is marvelous. At various points the story is mushy and cheesy. Few english songs are also used in the story. The story has quite a lot of twists because of the misunderstandings between the couple.The book is very engaging and gripping that it could be easily finished in few hours. The story justifies the title very well. Overall, it is a blend of romance, thrill, suspense and humor. 

I would like to recommend this novel to those who really want to read a short and an engaging love story. 

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Arvind Parashar is an author and painter hailing from Dehradun. He has been a corporate leader in various firms like GE, Dell and Genpact. He enjoys road trips and gives motivational lectures at various educational institutions.

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