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#BookReview: Voicemates by Anamika Mishra

“If you put your best foot forward and if you overcome your fears, you will surely be able to attain the heights of success” 

Voicemates is a book by author and blogger Anamika Mishra. It was published on 5th February 2016 by Jaico Publishing House. The cover page of the book is very attractive having a beautiful picture which resembles the story. The colors black, pink and white are very nicely used making the book catchy to the eyes.

Voicemates is a story revolving around Tulip Hill and Sam. Tulip Hill, who is rich, intelligent, disciplined and beautiful daughter of her parents, who want her to pursue B.Tech. While on the other side is Sam who is an orphan, witty and easy going boy. Both Sam and Tulip share the love for music and want to win the reality show Voicemates. The book is set in the beautiful state of Goa.

Voicemates is a very soulful journey revolving around music. Both the characters love music and want to do something in the music field. The plot of the book is very engaging and fast paced. The narration is in third person. Both the characters are portrayed very beautifully.The events in the story are very well described and the style of writing is very simple. The display of emotions is  marvelous.  At various points author has mentioned lyrics of English songs which is giving the readers a visual impact. The book has elements of love, trust and friendship.

Overall, a light, fast paced and an intriguing read. It can
be easily finished in one sitting. Recommended for those who want a quick read.

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Anamika Mishra is an Indian Author. Her debut novel Too hard to handle was released in Sept 2013. 
She is also a blogger and occasionally delivers motivational talks. Writing is her first passion. Second is travelling and photography. 
Anamika holds a degree of Masters in Journalism & Mass Communication. She is known for strong opinions and passionate defense for her beliefs. Her witty, cheerful & humorous persona has made her popular amongst the youth. She has a 'think positive & keep patience' perception towards life. Her articles on life and relationships have inspired many people from all across the world.
She is a member of Indian Speakers Bureau and People For Animals NGO.

*I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange of an honest and an unbiased review.

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