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#BookReview: Summit by Harry Farthing

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The view from 8,848 metres  is not alwas clear...

Summit is debut novel by author Harry Farthing is a fictional adventure story originally published by Blackstone Publishing (UK) and in India it is published by Westland Ltd. The cover page of the book is White in colour having a picture of a man in the mountains. The cover page is very magnificent.
Summit is a novel about climbing worlds tallest mountain Mount Everest which is popularly known as summit. There are two stories that are running parallel in the novel. 
In the autumn of 1938 Germany’s Reichsf├╝hrer, Heinrich Himmler, is growing frustrated at the British using their regional power in India to block passage of an SS expedition to Tibet. So, Josef Becker was recruited by SS to be the one to reach the summit and plant the Nazi flog on top. Josef agrees to do so. On the other hand,  seventy years later, seasoned mountain guide Neil Quinn's ninth visit to the top of the world’s highest mountain in the charge of the sixteen-year old son of a Long Island billionaire begins to unravel. His role was just to get the teenager up and down the summit alive .
The characters of the book are very well described and fascinating. The narration is very fast paced and interesting. There are vivid descriptions of the events which one can easily visualize and the plot is very gripping and refreshing. The story is very well written. An intriguing action packed book full of twists and turns. A magnificent and an incredible read.
I recommend this book to those who really want to read a gripping story about climbing summit filled up with a lot of conspiracy. 

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 Harry Farthing

Harry Farthing is an Englishman born in 1964 in Lynton, North Devon, and raised in the West Country. Harry Farthing has had a lifelong interest in exploration, archaeology and world history, both published and alternate. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and has travelled widely to extreme environments such as the Sahara Desert, the Himalaya, the Amazon and the Arctic North. An experienced mountaineer, he has climbed extensively, including Mt Blanc and the Matterhorn in the Alps, Mt McKinley in Alaska, Shishapangma, the highest mountain in Tibet, and Mount Everest itself. In 2010 he successfully led all thirteen members of a charity climb to the summit of Kilimanjaro in Africa. In 2011 he made a solo 7,500 mile journey across North America by BMW Motorcycle that linked the Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific Oceans and travelled 2,000 miles of unpaved roads above the 60th Parallel. That trip was the latest in a series of extreme motorcycle journeys that started with a ride from the UK to the Moroccan Sahara when he was just nineteen.

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'I received a copy from the publisher (Westland Books) in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.'

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