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#BookReiew: A Walk in the Rain by Udai Yadla

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Love is poison that kills you. Love is elixir that keeps you alive.

A Walk in the Rain- A journey of Love and Redemption is a love story by author Udai Yadla published on 7th January 2015 by Kyron Publishers. The cover page of the book is greenish blue and black in colour having a picture of a couple walking in rain on a beach. The cover is very simple and beautiful.

A Walk in the Rain is a story of a heartbroken Sunny who lives a very reclusive life, who is living in past with his memories. He is just a busy man with a little social life. On the other hand is Saloni, a prostitute who is desperate for money because of some mishappenings. She has a very dark and a mysterious past. Fate unites both Sunny and Saloni who are bounded with a common goal with different motives.

The characters in the book are very interesting and very well described. The prologue is beautiful wondering how it relates with the story but the author relates it very marvelously. The book started like a routine love story having some flashback scenes in between which are very well differentiated by the writer. The plot is very engaging and is supported by various sub plots. The story is descriptive at some points which makes it slow and boring. 

For the first time writer, author has done a wonderful job. His narration is highly appreciated as one can easily visualize the events taking place in the story. 
Overall, a very engaging read laced with emotions, thrills, despair, redemption and love. I recommend this book if you really want to read a thrilling love story. 

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Udai, an IT consultant by profession, is an avid writer and poet. Having good imagination skills, writing became a natural choice for him. Many of his poems and stories were published in school and college magazines. He is currently working on his untitled second book which is a crime thriller.

* I received a free copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and an unbiased review.

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