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#BookReview: Someone To Love by Ruchita Misra


Someone To Love by the bestselling author of Second Chance at Love Ruchita Misra is a Romance  Fiction book released on 5th January 2017 and published by Harlequin. The cover page of the book is blue in colour having a picture of a couple. the cover page is very beautiful, simple and subtle designed by Divya Saxena. 
Someone To Love is a story of childhood friends Atharv and Koyal 
 who are made for each other, but have not realized their love. But something happens that their childhood friendship turns into hatred. Koyal cuts all her communication from Atharv and gets married while on the other hand Atharv craves to know what happened, he is hurt and scarred. He becomes a doctor, gets married and has a daughter Mansha.  And when years later, destiny brings them in front of each other. Will they find their Someone to Love.
All the characters are very well evolved. The narration of the book is very simple and interesting which is very easy to read. The story is predictable at some points but is very engaging. The emotions are very well written in which friends are craving for each other's love. The author has made the love story very simple and beautiful , which is neither too mushy nor too dark. The reader can very easily sympathize with Koyal and Atharv and can easily visualise the happenings in their lives. 
Overall it is a very beautiful and a delightful love story. One can finish it in one sitting. I recommend this to ones who like to read love stories.

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Ruchita Misra was born and brought up in Lucknow. She did her schooling from La Martiniere Lucknow and was a topper throughout. After that she did her B.Tech from Institute of Engineering and Technology , Lucknow. Later she joined the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade for her MBA and was awarded three gold medals. Her bestselling books Second Chance at Love and The (In)eligible Bachelors, for which she was awarded the Awadh Samman in 2012. She works in London and blogs at

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