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#BookReview: Lanka's Princess by Kavita Kané

Lanka's Princess

"Yes, I am a monster!" screeched Meenakshi, her eyes flashing,baring her claws at her mother. "See them? If anyone hurts me, I shall hurt them with these!! I am Surpanakha!"

Lanka's Princess by the bestselling author of Karna's Wife, Sita's Sister and Menaka's Choice,  Kavita Kané is a mythological fiction published on 1st December by Rupa Publications.The book is widely available at the bookstores and in the kindle format. The cover page of the book is very beautiful full of black, red and gold colours, having a picture of Surpanakha which is very catchy to the eyes.The cover illustration is by Niloufer Wadia.
Lanka's Princess is a story about Raavan's famous sister - Surpanakha, the one perceived as ugly and unwanted, brutal and brazen. One of whose nose was sliced off by Lakshaman. Surpanakha which means the woman as hard as nails was born as Meenakshi. She is one of the misunderstood character of Ramayana. An unwanted child and described as ugly and dark by her own mother, Meenakshi suffers a lot. Is she a protagnist or an antagonist? 
The book is very well researched giving a lot of information about Surpanakha, which was not known to many. The entire book is from the point of view of Surpanakha. The narration of the book is very engaging and the conversations are very well described. The first half of the book is a bit slow about the childhood of Surpanakha and the relation with her family. The writing is very crisp, it is like a fluid, just flowing. All the characters are very well described from Raavan to Kaikesi, mother of Raavan and Surpanakha. A very interesting part is that each chapter talks about different instances and characters. 
Overall it is an amazing book, highly recommended to those who are very much interested in reading mythology. 

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Kavita Kané

Born in Mumbai, a childhood spent largely in Patna and Delhi , Kavita currently lives in Pune with her mariner husband Prakash and two daughters Kimaya and Amiya with Chic the black cocker spaniel and Cotton the white, curious cat.
A senior journalist with a career of over two decades, which includes working for Magna publication and DNA, she quit her job as Assistant Editor of Times of India to devote herself as a full time author. A self-styled aficionado of cinema and theatre and sufficiently armed with a post-graduate degree in English Literature and Mass Communication from the University of Pune.

Karna's Wife her debut novel, (2013)was a bestseller. Her second novel - Sita's Sister (2014) also deals with another enigmatic personality - Urmila, probably the most overlooked character in the Ramayan. Menaka's Choice(2015) ,another best-seller, is about the famous apsara and her infamous liaison with Vishwamitra the man she was sent to destroy. Lanka's Princess (2016) is her fourth book based on Ravan's sister, Surpanakha, the Princess of Lanka who was also its destroyer.

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