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#BookReview: The Parcel by Anosh Irani

The Parcel is the fourth novel by author Anosh Irani. It was published on October 2016 by Harper Collins Publishers and is widely available at the bookstores. The cover page of the book is blue in colour, having a cage like looking wall, designed by Bhavi Mehta which is very attractive and catchy to the eyes. 
The Parcel is a story of a 40 year old Madhu, belonging to the transgender community or the Hijra community, a community of third sex- neither male nor female. Born as a boy, she was a shame for the family. She works in Kamathipura, a red light district of Bombay. She has moved away from the prostitution work and is forced to beg on streets. A lot about of her past is revealed through flashbacks and is asked by Padma, the most feared brothel owner to prepare a parcel.
The whole story is the narration of Madhu who is representing the Hijra community. The prologue is amazing highlighting about the Hijras. The book is very beautifully written and Anosh Irani's narration is very solid full of deep introspection. The story is very interesting full of twists and turns and as a reader one will get to know a lot about transgenders, which is a very dark subject matter. 
Overall, the book is dark and is difficult to read but will keep the reader hooked up till the end with the life of transgenders. I would recommend this amazing,bold, tender and sorrowful book to everyone. 
The Parcel was  a shortlisted finalist for the Writers Trust Fiction Prize and for Governor General's Award for English Language Fiction.

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Anosh Irani, born in 1974 is an Indo-Canadian novelist and playwright. He was born and raised in Bombay. After working in advertising in India, he moved to Vancouver in 1998 to study and persue writing.
Anosh Irani has published three novels: The Cripple and His Talismans (2004), a national bestseller; The Song of Kahunsha (2006), which was an international bestseller and shortlisted for Canada Reads and the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize; and Dahanu Road (2010), which was shortlisted for the Man Asian Literary Prize. His plays are The Matka King (2003), Bombay Black (2006), My Granny the Goldfish (2010).

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