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#BookReview : The Four Patriots by Sumit Agarwal

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Have you ever fallen victim to the system? Felt humiliated and helpless?Have you fought back?
The Four Patriots is the debut book by author Sumit Agarwal. The book was released on 29th September 2016 by Rupa Publications and is widely available at the online , offline and kindle bookstores.
The focus of the book is India in which there are four patriots- Varun, an NRI software engineer, Salman, CEO of Coffee Moments, Raghav , a virtuous politician and Aditya , an altruistic businessman and the fate brings these four lives together at the crossroads pushing these heroes out of their comfort zones who are willing to do anything for the nation and bring  a change.The cover illustration is by Ankur Mishra and Chandan Crasta , having the picture of the four patriots which is very well apt to the story. 
The book is set in the imaginary future years and has started with Independence Day, 15th August 2022. The author has addressed various issues in context of India and the impressive part is that he has also provided solutions. There are some instances which seemed unrealistic and idealistic as the author wants to convey that change can take place if right people are in the system. The author has written all the four protagonists very well, the narration is very exciting and simple and is a very fast paced book .
Overall it is a very exciting read about faith , courage , friendship and patriotism with lots of twists and turns which has kept the reader hooked till the end.
Pick this book if you do not believe in 'is desh ka kuch nahin ho sakta'. This book is a must read, highly recommended to every Indian.

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About The Author 

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Sumit Agarwal , a graduate from IIT Kanpur is a successful businessman. He is also a music composer, lyricist, singer and writer. His music videos can be viewed on his youtube channel. Sumit runs an NGO Prerna ( ) . Among his many social welfare initiatives , the NGO has adopted ten government primary schools. An adept multi-tasker , he is also a speaker on topics related to nation building, work life balance and multi tasking.

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I received a free copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and an unbiased review.

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