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#BookReview : Confused Bastards by Manav Vigg

Confused Bastards

What happens when three entrepreneurs initiate a start-up which shocks the nation?
Confused Bastards is the debut book by author Manav Vigg released on 1st October 2016 by Srishti Publishers and Distributors and is available at the online and offline bookstores.
As the title is Confused Bastards the cover page is quirky and confusing  having various multicolour lines which is signifying the title.
Confused Bastards is the story of three friends who are from different backgrounds but are united with the bond of friendship. Aakash, Jai and Vivek who all are struggling with their inner conflicts as well as the world outside. All three of them want to do something of their own.They become the voice of the nation by starting up their website.The idea of venting out the frustration, anger against people , government ,lovers,jobs etc was unique and amazing. The characters are very well potrayed and seemed realistic.
Confused Bastards is a youth centric book having a very simple narration and a gripping plot. The book is an inspiration for those who want to do something of their own. 
Overall, the book is very simple , fast paced and gritty having a sweet exploration with confusion.
I recommend this book to those who want to read a simple book ,not a serious one.

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About The Author

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Manav Vigg is a charted accountant turned novelist . He is greatly inspired by confusion and dilemma andchas written his novel on entrepreneurship and bromance. He wants to live in a world where there is freedom to express, easy going fun friends and force field that protects the nerds and zany fellows from the cool dudes.

I received a free copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and an unbiased review.

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