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#BookReview: Graffiti by Joanie Pariera


Graffiti is the debut book of author Joanie Pariera . It is a Fiction Romance book and is available in Kindle format on Amazon. The book was first published in January 2013 by AuthorHouse. The cover page of the book shows a man standing with a graphic wall painting which can be directly linked with the story and makes a reader curious to read it. The novel is much like its title- Graffiti. 
The novel is set in two different parts of the world- India and USA. The story revolves around Vipin,an Indian techie working in the USA  who has lost his wife in  an accident and is trying to cope with her death . His friends, colleagues try providing him with solace but their attempts are a constant source of frustration. While on the other hand, Rene, living in Bangalore is trying to cope up with the fact that her boyfriend left her unannounced and is a gay. As the story progresses other characters are also introduced such as Upasana, closest to Rene and Mark who thinks that Rene is his soulmate.
The novel is narrated in third person except for the Vipin's  story which is narrated in the first person. The novel is not an easy read as in the starting  various characters are introduced which is way too confusing but later on clarity is there.
Overall, Graffiti is a very humorous ,interesting story about human relationships and romance. 
I recommend to those who are really interested in reading about relationships.

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About The Author 

Joanie Pariera (Pen Name), has apparently been thinking about writing fiction since the time she learned to say the word ‘pencil’. It came to be, that that was the first word her parents taught her to say. According to them, she then made up her own word for it just to see them squirm. 

She likes to think she is a master of many things, including making up words. To start with she has two master’s degrees. She cooks, keeps house, codes and programs, and until recently used to write specifications for Information Systems for a living. Having travelled extensively, she has self-assimilated the cultural nuances of various unsuspecting anthropological groups and stealthily continues to put down her impressions in her writing. 

* I received a free copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and an unbiased review.

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