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#BookReview A Forgotten Affair by Kanchana Banerjee

A Forgotten Affair

A Forgotten Affair is the debut book of author Kanchana Banerjee. It is a romance,drama book published by Harper Collins and is widely available on online stores ,kindle and at the bookstores, published on 25th August 2016.
The cover page of the book is very simple and subtle having two flowers which depicts that love is simple and elegant.Though, as compared to other romance novels the cover page is dull but nevertheless it is sweet. The cover page design is by Harper Collins Publishers and cover image is by istock.
The  story is set in Mumbai and Gurgaon . The plot of the book is very realistic and simple. It is a story of Sagarika , who walks out of her nine year old marriage and is a victim of Mumbai bomb blasts and goes into coma. After six months she gets up with no memory of her past and meets her husband Rishabh who takes her to an unfamiliar address in Gurgaon. The characters are very interesting , each having some dark past behind.
The  author has written the story very descriptively filled with drama , thrill and suspense which keep the reader hooked to the book.The language is very simple and easy to read. Its a very different story from the usual romance stories which was expected while picking up the book.
Overall , it is a gripping and a fast paced story and an interesting read. 
I would recommend to those who are highly interested in simple story with an interesting and a dramatic plot.

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About the Author 

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Kanchana Banerjee is a freelance writer with almost 19 years of experience. She has founded Writeword to help people learn about freelance writing. She has written various articles for various publications , PR firms and companies for nearly two decades. She holds a masters degree in English from Jadavpur University, Kolkata and lives in Gurgaon with her husband, son and two dogs. 

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