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#Book Review Scion Of Ikshvaku (Book 1) Ramchandra Series by Amish Tripathi

A bare-bodied Rama points to the sky with a bow and an arrow towards a flying vehicle

Scion Of Ikshvaku is the first book of Ramchandra Series from the author of Shiva Trilogy , AMISH TRIPATHI . The book is Fictious mythology published by Westland Ltd and is widely available online , kindle and at the bookstores , published on 22 June 2015.
The cover page of the book is very beautiful , designed by ThinkWhy Not . It looks historical in which a man is aiming his bow towards a drone or the Pushpak Vimaan.
Scion of Ikshvaku is  a modern version of the famous historical epic Ramayana in which the author has brought the history as well as the modern world in a single story. The story is set in various places such as Ayodhya, Mithila etc.
The characters are from Ramayana . Ram is the main protagonist of the story ,but is assumed inauspicious to his father Dashrath since birth. The author has introduced all the characters in the beginning of the story.
The author has written the book marvelously , giving the details of each incident very nicely and has used various nice Sanskrit  quotes. He has given a new life to Ramayana from the modern eye. He has brought his imagination to a perfection and his style of narration is amazing .
The book is highly recommended to everyone those who are interested in reading mythology. 

Few quotes from the book:

“I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want a woman who is better than I am; a woman who will compel me to bow my head in admiration.” 

“Sometimes, truth causes pain and suffering. At such times, silence is preferred.” 

“There is something positive hidden in every negative, and something negative hidden in every positive. Life is complicated, and a balanced person can see both sides.” 

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About the Author

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Amish is a 1974 born IIM(Kolkata) - educated, boring banker turned happy author.The success of his first book The Immortals of Meluha , encouraged him to give up a fourteen year old career in financial services to focus on writing. He is passionate about history, mythology and philosophy , finding beauty and meaning in all world religions. 
Books by the author:Shiva Trilogy (3 parts)
                                 1. Immortals of Meluha
                                 2.The Secret of the Nagas
                                 3.The Oath of the Vayuputras

Stalk him  www.authoramish.com

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