Book Review -"Two Fates: The story of my Divorce" by Judy Balan

Two Fates -The story of my divorce is a classic parody of Chetan Bhagat's Two States. Its a classic book dealing with Deepika , a Tamilian girl and Rishabh, a Punjabi boy , married each other with a lot of hardships and getting a divorce is much harder.

But yeah how to forget when both the Tamilianas as well as the Punjabi families are so much involved with each other that for them Rishabh and Deepika are the ideal couple. And like all the Indian families , their families also demanded a baby  and actually is absolutely true that in India you not just marry a person but you marry the entire family.

This is one of the kind of the book which I have never read and indeed its an amazing read showing the drama of Indian families. The story is funny and humorous at various points and yes, the author has done justice with it.This book made me laugh. Its a very light read .

I recommend everyone who want to enjoy this hilarious journey of  divorce.

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