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#Book Review - Everyone Has A Story by Savi Sharma

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Everyone Has A Story is the debut book of author Savi Sharma.The book is published by Westland Books. The story revolves around Meera, a fledgling writer in search of a story, Vivaan, an Assistant Manager at Citibank, Kabir, a cafe manager and Nisha, a despondent cafe customer . Everyone has a story but what happens when these four lives are connected together. 

All the four characters - Meera , Vivaan, Kabir and Nisha  have some past, dreams and insecurities.The story is set in Pune, India.The story is  completely swaying with different emotions like love,tragedy,pain et al. The author has written it in a very simple English,but the meaning is very deep. The prologue at the beginning usually tells about the insight of the story but here the author has written is very beautiful. The best part of the story is different povs of characters which is quite impressive. The narration of the story is very nice and there are various inspiring quotes in between. There are several portions of the book with which a person can relate .

The author has done justice with the plot ,making us believe that each one of us out there has a story,some are written and some are confined in our hearts. Its a very light read highly recommended to everyone .

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“I was never a writer and I don’t aspire to be either. I was never a good reader and I don’t know if I will be ever. But now, I have been much more.
Every day, I woke up; I tried to find reasons to live. Every night, when I slept, I tried to find reasons to not die. Every moment, I tried to find reasons to hope, dream and love. But I never found them. Until I met you.
I saw chaos, confusion, and fear all around me. But not within me, after I met you.
Time decides our fate, our journey. And when time changes, everything changes. Everything. Sometimes for bad, sometimes for good. And sometimes, for the best. I never believed that. Until you happened to me.
It’s not a story and maybe it’s not love. It’s about something more real than stories and more powerful than love. It’s about you. Yes, you. Real and powerful.
I have never been happy with someone. I wanted to be with different people at different places with different feelings. I wanted to explore everything, know everyone. But then I explored you. And I found, you are not just ONE, you are an infinity. An infinity of love, care, trust, respect, understanding. A universe of inspirations, aspirations, hope and happiness. Maybe you are the universe out there which I explore. Or the universe in me that I seek.
You do not start, nor do you ever end. You are constant, yet ever changing. You are everywhere and yet just with me. You are my creator or my creation, I question myself.”

About The Author

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Savi Sharma is a simple girl from Surat. She left her CA studies to become a storyteller. She is the co founder of the motivational blog 'Life & People' where she writes about positivity, motivation, spirituality and other topics. She loves observing people and often searches for her stories.

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