#BookReview: T21 In Downs Lane by Utpal Kant Mishra

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Title: T21 In Downs Lane
Author: Utpal Kant Mishra
Publisher: The Write Place
Published on: 27 May 2018
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 978-9387282353

" We are living fiction for everyone and everybody has their own interpretations about us. Every time it is far from reality and so it is not the same.'


Aashima, a young journalist, befriends Jay, a ‘differently different’ son of Ayesha and Siddhartha, who has Down Syndrome. Sid’s diary, which unfolds a completely different world, pulls her deeper into Jay’s emotional turmoil.

T21 in Downs Lane is an intensive narrative about the parents' struggle to give birth and raise a child with Trisomy 21. A heart rendering account, it is also a revelation of peoples' perception about Downs Syndrome. Whether it is their disdain, sympathy or curiosity, the author has captured these emotions in a realistic semblance. The insightful and factual information on Down Syndrome adds value to the read. 

T21 in Downs Lane is also a story of Aashima’s endeavour to seek unconditional psychological acceptance from the 'typicals'. What will she do to bring the story to a logical end? 


T21 In Downs lane has a very simple and a subtle cover page in bright yellow colour. It just comprises of  the title of the book in blue bold capitals. I liked the simplicity of the cover page.


When I got T21 In Downs Lane in my hands. I was very curious to know what this book holds about Down Syndrome. I am a psychology student and I know what Down Syndrome is and I have also met few people who have Down syndrome so, that made me all the more curious to read the book. 

T21 in Downs Lane is a book revolving around Jay Siddhartha Roy who has Down Syndrome and is  interviewed by Aashima, a journalist. This book takes the reader on the journey of this boy through his father Siddhartha Roy's diary in which he has written about the journey as parents of a Down Syndrome child. This book is not just about what the parents feel, but it also mentions about how the society looks at the differently different children.

The book is written in a beautiful way in a simple language. The book is written very well in a descriptive manner and I was able to visualize it. It is emotional and I cried at various points. The characters are very well described and are realistic and I was able to empathize a lot with the characters. I really liked how the character of Jay is portrayed and how he has accepted himself and is positive . I loved how Aashima's and Jay's relationship evolved over time in the book. 

The story progresses at its own pace. It is very engaging and I was totally hooked to this book till the end. The title is also very suitable.The author has done a lot of research before writing it as it includes a lot of medical facts.  I really liked that the author has put in an information booklet about Trisomy 21 in the second part of the book. Through this story, it creates a lot of awareness about Down Syndrome and I am glad that the author wrote this book.

Overall, this book was a worth read for me. It was emotional but was an informative book too conveying a very strong message. I really loved it. I would recommend this book to everyone.

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Buy the book here: https://www.amazon.in/Downs-Lane-Utpal-Kant-Mishra/dp/938728235X

*I received a free copy of the book from Writersmelon in exchange of an honest and an unbiased review.

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